What is a Cannascaper? 

A Cannascaper is a member of the Cannabis Consumer Institute community that contributes his/her experiences to the general cannabis & hemp communities.

You can do this a variety of ways: by posting, by uploading your personal experience(s), by enrolling in our custom programs where you have the opportunity to test a product and document your experiences with a product we ship to you free of charge.

As a Cannascaper you have the ability to contribute credibility, knowledge, transparency, and personal opinion/experience to the overall ranking of products that will benefit you and the entire Cannabis and Hemp landscape. You'll participate in changing the overall opinions, purchasing behaviors, and information so that we can make more informed decisions about the products we use.


Apply to become a Cannascaper

We value our Cannascapers and will be in touch within 48 hours to give you next steps. Be on the lookout from an email from us!