Donna Baase

donna baase

A senior..70..who me? Well that happened fast while I was nurturing my family, building a business (founder and formulator of Cowgirl Skincare) and being a standup community member. I find it exciting to straddle the intersection of tradition and the future and I’m out to bridge the communication gap that Seniors find when they make cannabis part of their healing and happiness. I want to add qualitative information to the challenges of aging minds, bodies and spirits. I find joy in painting, yoga, walking the beach in Florida and trails in Colorado, reading and cooking with my grandchildren, and relaxing with my favorite cannabis products. I’ve had some interesting adventures out there like; hitchhiked from Istanbul to Delhi, worked on a Kibbutz, was an extra in an Indian movie, was featured on The Home Shopping Network, took off at 60 to live in Buenos Aires. And, like many Seniors I know, we are still looking for adventures. I’d love to hear about yours!